Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Real Green Wedding: Personal Choices, Perfect Celebration

Rebecca Rice and Greg Brensilver were married May 9, 2009 at a private residence in Carmichael, CA.

About the Couple
Both social workers, the bride and groom were introduced by a professor of social work who accurately suspected they would be a perfect match. They maintained a long distance relationship for two years, Greg in Los Angeles and Rebecca in San Francisco. Instead of letting this interfere with their romance, the couple instead used it as a way to share their mutual love of the outdoors. They met every two weeks at a campground or hiking destination somewhere in between their two homes. Rebecca says their "first night together was spent in a tent at 9,000 feet in the Eastern Sierras."

The Decision to Go Green
Rebecca put it simply: "We wanted our wedding to reflect who we are and the lives we lead. We wanted our celebration to be a relatively accurate representation of [our life together]." Like so many eco-friendly couples, Greg and Rebecca realized that a wasteful celebration was not the way to begin a sustainable marriage. They also made other choices that were meaningful to them but might have broken with more traditional wedding practices. The result was a very special event for all who attended.

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