Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get Married TV

I recently began weekly blogging for Blogger Brides at GetMarried.com. You can see all of my eco-friendly decor ideas here. If you have ideas for future entries I am always open for suggestions! You can e-mail me pictures at Kate@thegreenbrideguide.com

Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking For a Green Wedding Gift?

You can find links to hundreds of eco-friendly products in the eco-products section of www.thegreenbrideguide.com

Green Wedding Books and Ideas

My book is not the only one on the market. Come find books, articles and videos to help you plan a beautiful green event! Visit the Reading Room.

Image: H. Alex Harrison

Wedding Lessons Learned

We all make mistakes - but you can learn from those who go before you! Come read wedding advice from real green couples on the "Lessons Learned" Blog.

Image: Anna Kuperberg

Have Planning Questions?

Wondering where to find local flowers or how much a green wedding costs? Come "Ask Kate."

Real Green Weddings

If you are interested in seeing pictures and reading stories from almost 100 green weddings, check out my real green weddings blog.

Image: Gene Higa Photography