Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Woodland Wedding, DIY Charm

New Real Green Wedding up at The Green Bride Guide: Woodland Wedding, DIY Charm.


About the Couple
Cory and Nathalie met in 2004 through mutual friends while they were both students at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Nathalie, a graphic designer, and Cory, a painter, fell in love almost immediately. As Nathalie tells us, after that, they were “together for so long, everyone always joked that we were practically married anyway and that we should just make it official...and so we did!”

The Decision to Go Green
Nathalie and Cory shared their artists’ appreciation for nature and the environment, so having a green wedding was important to them. They also wanted to incorporate as many personal, DIY touches as they could not only to go green, but also to keep to their budget.

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